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Inhibitory control of thermal perception in mouse posterior insular cortex



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James Poulet

We hypothesize that inhibitory interneurons (INs) in the posterior insular cortex (pIC) are key players in the encoding and perception of thermotactile information. Here we will examine the role of different IN subtypes in sensory encoding and determine how their function is related to underlying synaptic connectivity.

We have two aims: (1) use widefield and cellular imaging to identify the thermotactile encoding schemes by pIC INs and test their role in perception using optogenetic manipulations; (2) combine in vivo imaging with in vitro cortical slice work to delineate the local synaptic wiring motifs in cells of known sensory response properties.

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James Poulet


Sandhya Mani

PhD student

Mikkel Vestergaard

Postdoc, associate member

Jean-Sebastien Jouhaneau

Postdoc, associated member

Gamze Güney

PhD student