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Investigating the fast-spiking interneuron microcircuit topology of mouse and human neocortex



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Jörg Geiger

Neuronal networks store and process information by the local structural and functional connectivity of excitatory and inhibitory neurons.  In this project we plan to investigate how fast-spiking inhibitory interneurons are embedded in cortical subnetworks with structural and functional features tailored for specific region and species-dependent computational requirements.

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Jörg Geiger

PI, Vice Coordinator
B04| B06

Differential contribution of THIK-1 K+ channels and P2X7 receptors to ATP-mediated neuroinflammation by human microglia

Authors: Ali Rifat, Bernardino Ossola, Roland W Bürli, Lee A Dawson, Nicola L Brice, Anna Rowland, Marina Lizio, Xiao Xu, Keith Page, Pawel Fidzinski, Julia Onken, Martin Holtkamp, Frank L Heppner, Jörg R P Geiger, Christian Madry
J Neuroinflammation

Directed and acyclic synaptic connectivity in the human layer 2-3 cortical microcircuit

Authors: Yangfan Peng, Antje Bjelde, Pau Vilimelis Aceituno, Franz X. Mittermaier, Henrike Planert, Sabine Grosser, Julia Onken, Katharina Faust, Thilo Kalbhenn, Matthias Simon, Helena Radbruch, Pawel Fidzinski, Dietmar Schmitz, Henrik Alle, Martin Holtkamp, Imre Vida , Benjamin F. Grewe, Jörg R. P. Geiger