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Dendritic mechanisms underlying a sparse spatial code in the dentate gyrus



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Claudio Elgueta | Akos Kulik

In the dentate gyrus, a small subset of the granule cell population takes part in an engram encoding the spatial features of the environment. Formation of this neuronal code depends on the activity-dependent changes in synaptic strength after synchronous activation of excitatory inputs that generate local dendritic activity, a process that is under tight inhibitory control.

Using a combination of quantitative ultrastructural, electrophysiological and computational approaches we will study the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which dendritic excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs control the sparsity of granule cells engaged in the encoding of contextual information.

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Ákos Kulik


Claudio Elgueta


Shantanu Durgvanshi

PhD student

Nithya Sethumadhavan


Natalie Wernet

associated member Technical Assistant

Marco Ross


Federico Torelli

PhD Bartos Lab (associated member)