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Role of microglia-interneuron interactions in shaping network function



| PI:

Jonas Sauer | Christian Madry

In this project, we aim to explore the role of bidirectional communication between microglia and parvalbumin-positive interneurons (PVIs) in the hippocampal CA1 region. We will test the hypothesis that microglial regulation of PVI activity modulates gamma frequency oscillations that critically depend on PVI function. This will be tested in wild-type and DISC1 mice, which serve as a model system of impaired PVI and gamma function.

Using a combination of in vivo and ex vivo electrophysiology, multi-photon imaging and biochemical analyses, we aim to identify the impact of microglia-PVI interactions for microcircuit function and to reveal how microglial dysfunction relates to oscillatory network defects.

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Jonas Sauer


Christian Madry


Ole Sylte

associated PhD

Ecem Tütüncü

associated PhD student (Madry)

Vasilisa Zhukova

PhD student (Sauer)

A persistent prefrontal reference frame across time and task rules.

Authors: Hannah Muysers, Hung-Ling Chen, Johannes Hahn, Shani Folschweiller, Torfi Sigurdsson, Jonas-Frederic Sauer, Marlene Bartos
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Neuronal tuning to threat exposure remains stable in the mouse prefrontal cortex over multiple days

Authors: Ole Christian Sylte, Hannah Muysers, Hung-Ling Chen, Marlene Bartos, Jonas-Frederic Sauer
PLoS Biol
B04| B06

Differential contribution of THIK-1 K+ channels and P2X7 receptors to ATP-mediated neuroinflammation by human microglia

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J Neuroinflammation
B06| B07

Lifelong absence of microglia alters hippocampal glutamatergic networks but not synapse and spine density

Authors: Michael Surala, Luna Soso-Zdravkovic, David Munro, Ali Rifat, Koliane Ouk, Imre Vida, Josef Priller, Christian Madry