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The influence of interneurons’ active dendritic properties on neuronal information encoding in the neocortex.



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Matthew Larkum

The proposed project aims to investigate the dendritic properties of distinct inhibitory neuron (IN) types—PVIs, SOMIs, and VIPIs—in cortical microcircuits, shedding light on their contribution to information processing. Through classical and innovative techniques like dual dendritic recordings, “optical clamping”, and our recently developed circuit mapping technique, the study aims to characterize electrical properties, map functional connectivity, and model dendritic spikes in INs.

By exploring the impact of NMDA-dependent spikes on INs and their interplay with pyramidal neurons, our research seeks to unveil the intricate dynamics of neural encoding. This comprehensive approach, spanning rodent and human cortical tissue, contributes valuable insights into the role of IN dendrites in shaping cortical microcircuit activity.

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Matthew E Larkum


Timothy A Zolnik

Postdoc, Associated Member

Sarah A Duverdin

PhD, Associated member

Samuele Lippi

Associated member, Erasmus-student

Robert NS Sachdev

Postdoc associate member

Alejandro G Castro Scalise

PhD associated member

Albert Gidon