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Light and electron microscopic imaging and morphometric analysis of inhibitory neuronal circuits and signaling proteins



| PI:

Ákos Kulik | Imre Vida

In this project we will perform neuroanatomical investigations of the morphological features and nano-scale topography of signaling molecules from cortical GABAergic interneurons by means of light and quantitative electron microscopy. Results obtained from these analyses will complement behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular studies of our partners and provide morphometric and connectivity data for computational modeling.

Our project will serve as a central neuroanatomical hub for the IN-CODE consortium, offering methodological development, as well as intensive collaboration, innovative research and technical consultations.

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Imre Vida

PI, Board Member

Ákos Kulik


Natalie Wernet

associated member Technical Assistant

Laxmi Kumar Parajuli


Marco Ross