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Research Data Management infrastructure for collaborative data analyses



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Harald Binder | Jan Schmoranzer

In the INF project, we are building a state-of-the-art RDM infrastructure for the TR-CRC, capable of integrating all types of data to optimally support the study of interneuron function in cortical circuits, and creating synergies between projects by facilitating data and model sharing. To this end, the INF project is establishing workflows that harmonize data types to facilitate comparative and collaborative analysis and modeling.

As a focus area, we provide advanced workflows for imaging data, including data acquisition and analysis, to the CRC. This is complemented by training of the groups’ local data managers as well as ongoing support with the goal of improving data curation of the data created, shared and published for the long term.

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Harald Binder


Jan Schmoranzer


Jonas Werner

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André Lampe


Jochen Knaus

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